Every woman since her childhood, has dreamt of being a bride, and has even pretended like one by draping herself in her mother’s dupatta. Therefore, a wedding is special, and supposedly one of the most important event in any woman’s life, especially in India. For brides, wedding sarees are designed beautifully, and in a way that displays the personality of the bride.18814550_668103576708477_1216957506670503571_o

A new era in the fashion can be seen with the introduction of enhanced designs of sarees into the main stream fashion by the world’s best designers.


The color is one of the most significant aspects of the saree. Traditionally, red was the preferred color, but nowadays brides prefer to wear the kind of colors that complement their skin tone.


In this world of million colors, there can be an endless combination of colors to choose for bridal sarees, whereas the most common colors are shades of red & pink . Now-a-days many other color combinations are demanded by women.
Women are easily adapting trends , be it variety of motifs, bright colours and even blacks for their wedding ceremonies and pre-wed functions.


Other functions like mehendi which earlier women chose to flaunt normal clothing so it does not get stained are opting for gorgeous silk sarees.



The above lovely sarees are by Kumari Collection.
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