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As a bride, you’ll definitely be wearing gold or diamond bangles at the wedding. Whether you’re looking at bangles for your Engagement, Mehendi or Sangeet, there are a lot of options available if you don’t want to go with the traditional gold/diamond/glass bangle route!
Here’s what is in these days!
Kundan 17670968_1843240839035582_924217162_n

Metallic Bangles matching to the saree.15936695_869017786534359_5166827757028158616_o

Traditional Churra .1487708_500062226774776_354494323_o

Precious Stones! 13173476_720159108086895_7855036042947805864_o

The stone bangles with matching bangles.

The Kaddas13086729_714779768624829_15316093367559145_o

Hand Crafted and Silk Thread Bangles are trending. Easily customised according to the exact outfit colour, isn’t it cool?

Work Blouses
Kaathyayini Maggam Work Blouses
Gold and red colored bangles
Gold and red colored bangles. PC- Silk thread Bangles.

Edgy bangles for the Trendy bride.

PC-Happy Frames

It is difficult to chose one for us  , which is your favorite?

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