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Flower walls are adding new heights of beauty to events these days—and offering an unexpected way to decorate with blooms. Be it a sangeeth ,  a wedding,  or a reception, these gorgeous walls of blooms and greenery make for striking natural backdrop for  the bride’s big day.
Every  bride needs a fun photo space and wait, maybe your guests also do. So select your favourite flowers and create the best wall!
We are obsessed with the recent trend of flower wall, here we have rounded some our favourites for you.

A lovely white and red wall  definitely dazzles.

A cocktail of bright flower catches attention and makes the pictures attractive.Create your own rosy red-carpet moment!


Artificial Jewelery
Ms Pink Panther

Wow your guests with Stunning white !

A jaw dropping and magnificent  wall created by considering the brides outfit and the rest of the stage décor . Straight out of  a fairy tale Wedding!

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PC-PriyaVision Photography
Buy Kancheepuram sarees in Hyderabad
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A luxurious wall installation made entirely of flowers is a spectacular way to create a floral point at your wedding. These floral walls can be used as a photo booth and guarantees stunning wedding pictures.
We are totally loving this trend, let us know which is your favorite.