What do you talk about when you attend a wedding?

Grandeur, flowers, food, jewellery, outfits, no of attendees and all vivid things intricately

What do you talk about the same wedding few years later?
Probably food and grandeur

What do you talk about the same wedding a decade later?
Honestly, you don’t remember anything except how well the hosts treated you and how warmly they spoke to you.

Needless to say, in the end we humans only remember and rejoice those moments filled with warmth smiles, heartfelt hugs and soulful words. We Indians always  reckoned the phrase “Athidi Devo Bhava” which simple means guest is equal to god. It is believed that a happy guest will bless you with goodness of health and wealth. Weddings are usually attended by friends and families from all over the country and world. So, how do you take the responsibility and treat them? What kinds of host would you like to be? More than your return gifts, it is the sweet words that shall be remembered ever. So, here are few tips to treat your Athidis at weddings.

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Greet them with a smile: As the saying goes “smile costs nothing”. So keep smiling. I say it doesn’t cost but it benefits in ways that are unfathomable. A smile can stop a crying kid, a smile can cool a mad man, a smile can bring up cheer in chaos, a smile can wash away misunderstandings, a smile can blossom feelings of love and kindness. Just smile to any other person who comes to attend the wedding upon your invite. Be it your foe, friends, relative, ugly cousin, arrogant uncle, narrow minded grandmother or your maid.

Talk pleasantly: I recent heard a line in a video that say “Words can change the world”.  Yes!! Words have that potential. Words have that power. There is uncertain amount of chaos, nervousness, anxiety associated with marriages. But be careful while your speak, control your temperament, curb cussing on people. Adapt pleasant and sweet language.

Check about their comfort: People travel from various areas and cities to attend and bless the couple. They may reside at your residence or hotels till all events are done. Even though you might have settled them in a place to stay, it is your basic courtesy to check if they are comfortable or require anything else more.

Pic Courtesy: Ashwin Kireet

Extra attention for kids and old people: Our guests can be people of various age groups. Kids, youngsters, middle aged and old. While youngsters and middle aged doesn’t need any extra attention, it is the kids and old aged who have special needs. For example, kids need their morning milk, hot water for their cerelac, pharynx. Food needs to be served to old people on time owing to their sugar levels, blood pressures and other medical treatments. Also, they might not be able to take staircases or walk often, in such cases ensure you serve food to them and fulfill their needs wherever they wish to.

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Enquire if they are done with lunch/dinner: It doesn’t end if you just greet and talk to your guests. Enquire them if they had food and how did they like it. You make sure that no food item is out of shortage and are fully served to the guests.

An unsolicited advice from me since we are talking about food: DO NOT waste food at weddings or events. It takes few seconds to throw it into garbage but it months to come on your plate with hard work of our farmers. If there is excess food left over, please distribute it among the poor, dwellers, beggars or orphanages.

Pic Courtesy: Ashwin Kireet
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Thank personally: The most important thing that you should be doing is pay “Gratitude”. Time has become very important in our busy lives. Working population often crib about their hectic and erratic lifestyle. Inspite of the essentials activities to be done, people have took time and pain to attend the wedding and the least you can do is to thank them for making it to the venue and blessing the couple.

Remember!!  Hosts should always be pleasing, approachable and understanding.

After all, faces that smile and words that please spread out happiness!!

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