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The first word that comes to mind when you think wedding is the mehendi. Do you know what kind of design you like? We’ve got a few traditional, all-time favourites.We recommend considering these beautiful henna designs, they are sure to make heads turn during your wedding .

pratyusha_brides essentials_4Ganesha is a powerful image in Indian designs, as are many gods and goddesses. Ganesha is one of the most popular gods of Hinduism. This intricate design is a stylish way to pay homage to the culture and religion.

pratyusha_brides essentials_3This fun look features elephants, a favorite Indian motif. The swirly, curvy patterns add a flair to the design – keeping the hands and arms decorated, but not so much that the elephants go unnoticed. Elephant themes are a great way to diversify henna design away from more common motifs like peacocks.

pratyusha_brides essentials_8A floral pattern will match any bridal ensemble. Leaves, petals, vines and flowers come together into a gorgeous explosion of design.

pratyusha_brides essentials_7 (2)Raja and rani motifs are common in mehendi designs. his common and endearing mehndi design for hands represents the bride and the groom, and is a Mughal style passed down through the ages.

pratyusha_brides essentials_1
Paisleys are a timeless classic in Indian henna designs. The curved motif is recognizable in forms such as mango print as well. This mehendi design has pretty little paisleys on the bride’s fingertips, as well as larger paisleys on the palm. The small curved tips add a smooth flow to the look.

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Forever Love For Vintage Jaali Mehendi Design!The Jaali mehndi design is an all time classic that’s a brides favourite and simply never goes out of style! Simple, classy & ever beautiful – you can go for this on your hands and your feet.

No wedding in India is complete without beautiful Mehendi designs on the hands and feet of the bride.As with all forms of art, the art of mehendi designs is ever evolving.If you want get the designs from the above pictures, these are by Pratyusha of Pratyusha’s Mehendi. For  Packages for your big day, all you would want is to have Pratyusha to design the henna for you. Its not just for brides, she also handles group packages upto about 40-50 people. Pratyusha’s Mehendi is now open for bookings for this wedding season across Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, Bangalore, Kerala. Please give a thumps up on their facebook page which isPratyusha’s mehendi to follow all her works. She would be available on 9944493537, 8297981818.

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