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Surya and Jyothika first met during the filming of the movie Poovellam Kettuppar in 1999, which was Surya’s fifth film, and Jyothika’s third. Both were not big stars by that time but they were doing some really good work. She was from Mumbai, trying to make her mark in the Tamil film industry.Surya was impressed by her dedication and immense humility.

Two years later ,when Jyothika was a big star by this time and Surya’s big break was yet to come.They bumped into each another when they were shooting on the same sets.
Soon they started chatting and love bloomed. How cute is this story!

The time when the film Kaakha Kaakha(jyotika had recommended surya for that movie ) released was when pair is said to have got engaged. It was an event without much fanfare, and it is said that Surya got engaged to buy some time to convince his parents about his relationship with Jyothika. Time went by, and in spite of all the hurdles and challenges faced by the pair, their love only grew stronger and stronger day by day. It reached the perfect culmination point in the year 2006, and finally Jyothika And Surya’s marriage took place on 11th September 2006.
A day before the wedding took place the mehendi.

The couple chose a simple yet elegant attire for their wedding ceremony. Surya was dressed in white silk dhoti and silk shirt, while Jyothika was seen decked up in a pink silk saree with a exquisite diamond necklace and a gold armlet. The bride and the groom looked so much in love!They both complement each other very well.


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