Mehendi has a come a long way. We  now  see a trend of mehendi depicting the love story of the couple or important episodes of their lives. Pictures of the bride and groom too, isn’t that cool!
The vintage Jaali design is been there forever. It has been all time favourite. Just over the time we get to see innovation unlike filling them .
However good new trends are we just seem to go back to the old styles.
It is like this designs just makes an come back again and again and we just love it always.The intricate detailing is so gorgeous.
We now get to see pretty  flower jaali designs.

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This is a bridal design that is intricately done.Forever Love For Vintage Jaali Mehendi Design!

Forever Love For Vintage Jaali Mehendi Design!The zardosi style of jaali work. It provides a very rich and ornamental look, adding to the beauty of the bride.

Forever Love For Vintage Jaali Mehendi Design!

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This innovative pattern incorporates scallops and jaali work that are based on the theme of the wedding. This pattern involves expertise, and designer has done justice to this pattern.

Forever Love For Vintage Jaali Mehendi Design!

Forever Love For Vintage Jaali Mehendi Design!

If you want get the designs from the above pictures, these are by Pratyusha of Pratyusha’s Mehendi. For  Packages for your big day, all you would want is to have Pratyusha to design the henna for you. Its not just for brides, she also handles group packages upto about 40-50 people. Pratyusha’s Mehendi is now open for bookings for this wedding season across Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, Bangalore, Kerala. Please give a thumps up on their facebook page which is Pratyusha’s mehendi to follow all her works. She would be available on 9944493537, 8297981818.

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