Grandeur celebrations roared in the Palace
After all it was the wedding of their darling Princess
Rubies, Emeralds and Diamonds adored ubiquitously
Exception; the precious heart of the empress
She strode to the darkest of the rooms
Locked herself for days; “Vasanta, Vasanta!!” sobbed the Queen

There was no end for her trauma
Her eyes lost appeal and life was mundane
Whispers spread across the country like a grapevine
Their charming Princess needs a doctor
To cure her ailing illness for she was suffering
From ludicrous hysteria, a rare case

She was carried in Palanquin
By multiple bearers of the troupe
To the sages deep in woods and wild
In the valleys of Vindhyaas
In hope to treat their enchantress
To bring back vivacity in her life

Troupe reached the embankment
River Breeze touched her gently
She turned her head up and looked around
Nostalgia!! She could see him under the Banyan
“Stop the Palanquin!” She ordered
Closing her eyes, she escaped into the Styx

“Love found its way, not so long ago,
I shall find her, never again too late”
Sailed the fisherman, humming his way
He hauled the fishnet, heavy than never
Alas!! He said, it is not a cadaver
Lady in red, still did breathe