Okay, now that V day is here, lets talk about this great feeling that runs the world and that we all crave for eventually. “Love”. That’s a beautiful feeling which everyone wants to experience at least once in a life time. An emotion that we wouldn’t ever want to lose it and hold it tight in our grip and our hearts. While growing up I heard stories of Romeo-Juliet, Devdas-Parvati, Salim-Anarkali and few more. These love stories have set examples for many generations. They still are. My fond memory of a love story that moved me and left me in tears is “A walk to remember” by Nicholas Sparks. And poem recited by Jamie never cease to raises goose bumps. Though the story is largely fiction, it gives us a taste of selfless love and melts our hearts.

Celebrating love day, here we bring more realistic five celebrity love stories that have set standards for serious relationships goals

Surya-Jyothika: The heartthrob of South Indian girls, Surya fell for this beauty Jyothika. This pretty couple met when they were not doing many films and they had good time to know each other and understand their backgrounds well. The sizzling couple with their cherubic daughter Diya are happy and picture perfect family now. Both husband and wife can’t stop complimenting each other. While Jyothika says “Surya and his family has been very supportive and heart warming”. Surya says “Jo has been a wonderful partner playing a major role in his life”. The couple says they have evolved as better persons in each other’s company.

Ajith-Shalini: Thala and Shalini met on a filmset and their love blossomed as the movie shooting came to end. On the sets of Amarkalam, Ajith accidentally flung knife as a part of a scene to Shalini that inflicted her with a wound. Ajith got panicked seeing blood and took good care of her. That drew them close, care towards Shalini transformed into romance and love and the rest of the story is known to all. The charming beauty Shalini and Thala look amazing together. The duo tied knot in 2000 and stood inspiration to many youngsters.

Nandu-Geeta Madhuri: The actor and singer were good friends and they say they talk about anything and everything under the sun.This cute couple also acted together in a short film that brought them more closer. Their friendship eventually progressed into love. With their parents approval they finally tied a knot and took their relationship to another level.

Rahul Ravindran-Chinmayi: Andala Raskshshi fame Rahul met Chimay at the premiere of Andala Rakshashi. Chinmay gave voice over for Mithuna, the female lead of the movie. Rahul says he loved her voice first and after their interaction he started liking her. The couple got married in 2014 with approvals from both the families and they share a great rapo.

Naga Chaitanya-Samanta: This Yem maya chesave couple surely did magic on the screens that we went to impress the youngsters of Tollywood. Just before we are not yet over by their onscreen chemistry, couple announced their love leaving us all jaw dropping and in amusement. Adorable couple Sam and Chay have been friends since their first movie and maintained their relationship gracefully since 2009. The blush on their faces when asked about their soulmate says it all. Sam and Chay, the lovely couple are made for each other. All the best for their new beginning!

May you guys celebrate many more valentine’s days, anniversaries together and stay in that bliss called “Love”.

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