Once lived a Sculptor,
Who desired to Carve
An exquisite piece of statuette
A delicate, beautiful and attractive one
He travelled through deserts and plateaus
In search of an inspiration

Once lived a princess,
Who desired to find true love
That will engulf her in bliss and peace
Far away from cruel and indifferent world
She sat down at the embankment for days
In search of her soul mate

One day when sky had full moon
She walked twitchily from the embankment
He was resting under the banyan tree
After a long day in scorching heat
Sun absconded behind the mountains
Stars shone in silence one by one

She hassled to the palace
Her anklets moved swiftly clamoring vivaciously
“Who is that?” He solicited
She looked back in epiphany
Strangers met under the banyan tree
Their eyes spoke till wee hours

Guards came in search of the Princess
She refused to budge and wouldn’t care
“Throw the fellow into the river”
Ordered the furious king
“Krishna!!!“ She grieved, none rescued
He was gone, far away from her sullen eyes