What comes to your mind when you hear wedding preparations? For me it was always shopping, jewelry , sarees, clothes, flowers, matching accessories, silver, footwear and anything that is glittering. But is this all that is needed? Are we missing out on anything? Think once more.. can’t say.. Don’t worry! We have got into the nitty gritties to come up with the below list that is often scrapped as inconsequential but are quintessential in the needy hour for our bride and some to both, bride and groom. Not in any particular order.

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Saree pins: If you are an Indian Bride, you will surely be wearing atleast one or two sarees throughout the wedding ceremonies. So, pick saree pins in tandem with your outfits.

Safety pins: This I call “Multipurpose paraphernalia”.  Trouble with your blouse fitting? saree? foot wear? Bag? Safety pins, I think we can say a great invention. These will gracefully hide the loopholes and help you pull off the event.

Scissors: What if you need to chop off your extra threads peeping out of now where. Keep this handy, you will not regret.

Hair pins: If your tresses ditch you any time responding to wind like its die hard lover, hair pins will help to put a curtain to its play. These have been proved to be successful for many generations.

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Handkerchiefs (You should have not one but few in handy): Oh! I am not saying that this is absolutely necessary during vidhai ceremony. Need not. Hope, you never use it there.  But just in case, if you are an emotional woman like me.

Tissue papers: How are planning to manage if accidentally spill something on your clothes? or How are you thinking to rub off your  hands after puja? You are not going to run into the washroom, when tissues are in handy.

Wet wipes: Keeping these with you will help you wipe off your dull stressful face, extra layer of makeup and helps to rejuvenate your skin

Make up remover: why use water to remove your make up at end of the day. Use this for effective and quick results.

Cotton balls/Cotton: These are the best to wipe off your makeup after ceremonies.

Face wash: If ever you need to wash your face in between ceremonies during the day. Good face wash which suits your skin tone is better than a soap any day.

Moisturizer: Obviously needed one after a face wash or if not otherwise also for smooth and shin skin.

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Hand Sanitizer: It is very essential to clean your hands and wipe off chemicals used in non-organic vermilion, turmeric, sandalwood manufactured these days. Hand sanitizer is the better option owing to your restriction to visit the washroom during pujas or bridal ceremonies.

Few straws: Sounds insane but I have a confession to make… I really feel comfortable sipping juice or water with full make up on… especially when dazzling lipstick adore my lips.. Straws, I feel might help you to overcome such apprehensions.

A pocket mirror: I would love to watch me again and again because who is a better judge than yourself and check what suits you and then correct it if something goes uncanny.

Huge empty box: To dump off all your accessories after usage.

If you think, you can add some more to the list, do tell us through your comments. Let’s not restrict this list. Keep it coming !!!

 Title pic Courtesy: Aishwarya Videos