We came back to USA within one week of our marriage. Yes, we both work and we had to come back to work within a week after wedding. Short period of time which I spent with them, dint help us bond much. We planned ahead that they would come stay with us for few months. When the day came, I had these mixed emotions. All my life, I was so busy with my career, I never gave great thoughts about being a wife nor I rehearsed this episode of how I would behave with my in-laws (I know many girls do).

They arrived and my questions faded away, everything eased as the days were passing. Both of them are really sweet people. My father in law is a very cool person. He addresses me “Beti” and this totally felt like my Father calling me. He asked me questions about my education, early life, my dad and mom and so much more. He even suggested me to pursue civil services. He told me childhood stories of his son, his early life and education, how he made them feel proud in various parts of life. His conversations always made me feel like I am already a part of his family which gave me immense pleasure :).

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At the same time, my mother in law and I had conversations on varying subjects. It took no time for us to bond and I always have loads of respect towards her, not because she is my husband’s mother but because of the person she is. And then, there was one of these incidents which lifted my respect and love towards her to another level.

Through out their period of stay, I used to make chapatis and curry for dinners. I gave them dinner first and later me and my husband used to have food
(This is just to ensure that, every one gets to eat hot chapathis). That day, my husband and father in law went out to a nearby store. As they were running late, me and mother in law had to eat dinner without them. As always, I gave her dinner.

After she was done, as soon as I had my first bite, I realized that the curry was saltless and tasteless. I usually cook good food. It was surprising that I cooked it that bad. Then my thoughts went to my mother in law who just finished her dinner and was making chapathis for me. While I was struggling to have a single chapathi, I realized she had it all without any mention about the curry.

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I always love delighting my taste buds; I cannot eat anything just for sake of eating (I am typical ladli with food). If I were in her place, I would have silently grabbed pickle bottle and finished up my dinner.

There she was, had it all without a single complaint. A typical mother in law has two choices. First, to comment on the taste on face and turn it into a long lasting joke to tease up on. Second, the person could have bitched about my cooking behind me. But my Mother in Law chose neither of them. Instead she chose to ignore it.

With that she not only won my heart, but also taught me life lessons without uttering a single word. One, I learnt that ignoring and tolerating small mistakes makes our lives easy. Two, I learnt that lessons are much powerful when they are realized than when they are told.

My mom always tells me Family is where we love and inspire each other and now my mother in law proved the same. Whether she did it consciously or unconsciously, I would never know, nor I would want to know :).