After reading my winning post for Brides essentials and knowing about what the site is all about, one of my male colleague made a valid point. He asked me “Does the site talk about only the Bride”? I promptly replied “No. I didn’t find anything that is not talked about. From footwear to decor to clothes to honeymoon nights everything under the umbrella of wedding is discussed”. With a grin on his face he asked me again “Then why is it not called groom’s essentials or Wedding essentials”? Well, valid point I thought and slipped away from there not wanting to indulge in any sexist remarks. Yet, that kept me pondering over the interesting point he made.

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Why do we always emphasize about the Bride, her accessories, clothes or her emotions when it comes marriages? Why is it only she snatches the special attention? Isn’t it an equal affair for the Bride and the Groom? Is only Bride supposed to look alluring and flamboyant? What about the Groom? How about the couple’s family members attending the royal affair? Aren’t they not entitled to receive tips/suggestions on their appearance, handling wedding ceremonies and planning them flawlessly?

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On this note, here I come up with the post exclusive for “Dulhe Raja”.

Become responsible: Enough has been said about your stinky socks, messy wardrobe, untidy clothes and disorganized room. Common on! You are no more a kid or in your teens. Learn to keep things in an organized manner. Take some owners to place things neatly. Your wife is not going to bear the site of your scruffy belongings. 

Say good bye to your lousy habits: If you a chain smoker, weed lover or a beer fan, you are going to be at risk. While modern girl doesn’t really give a damn to your habits, it is unhealthy to continue with these habits in the long run. You will be happier if you restrict your habits to special occasions instead of clinging on to it every day. Imagine yourself sitting in the Madap and craving for a puff of Cigar. If it sounds gross, then you got the point.

Control food intake: Who doesn’t love wedding food? This is the best part of any wedding. You get everything on platter from papad to paan. Often, high importance is given to the food in Indian Wedding. We like finalizing the menu after discussing with family members, order sweets and savories two weeks before the wedding. The tempting laddoos placed on the table looks delicious and take off your attention but you need to keep in mind the intake of sugar and carbohydrates which will affect you on your wedding day or much later adding deposits of fat. Keep a check on the quantity of food while you eat and do not gulp excessively in the name of wedding. 

Engage in workouts: While you keep a check on your food, do start working out for a good reason. It is said that physical activity not only helps you shed some calories, it will also free your worries and keep your mind calm. So dudes over there, stretch your arms and legs and take a deep breatheDo not lurk around like a Zombie, ensure you have at least 7-8 hours of good sleep. Adopt healthy habits and engage in Yoga, Gym, Aerobics, Jogging or any other form of physical activity to keep yourselves fit. Standing beside the svelte bride with a protruding belly looks ugly! Right? Then what are you waiting for..Roll on Guys!!!

Glam up your charm: Since ancient times, beauty is associated with women. Females are often addressed as Oh beauty! Lovely lady! Dazzling damsel!. This doesn’t implicate beauty isn’t a men thing. Although Male Beauty and Cosmetic industry is emerging consistently, beauty and men together are still considered a taboo. Men are equally qualified to look beautiful, ravishing and charming. Because, one should never fail to look presentable, irrespective of gender. Especially when you are the show stealer. If you cannot afford to visit a salon, visit your kitchen and it will have some amazing ideas of therapy. Go... talk to your aunts and grannies to get rid of pimples, tan, dark circles and you name anything, they will have a natural and homemade solution.

Choose the best outfits: Do you know which colour suits you? Or pattern that gives best look on your bodyNah… Then, why do you want to blindly go for anything that is available in the market. Get to know your body type, colours that go well on you that emboldens your complexion. Do not stick on to blacks and whites. There is mucvibrancy in the vivid coloursSo, instead of waiting for the last minute shopping, go ahead and try different clothes. Few trials before finalizing the outfit will help you to choose the stunning outfit that will turn all the eyes.                                                                                                     

Shake your leg: You may be hauled by your cousin or a friend to dance on a peppy number. You may be asked to shake a leg with the bride. It is always better to be prepared for a rainy day. Watch YouTube or movies to learn few eye graceful movements that may be useful during the season. Trust me, by doing this you will be leaving zero chances to the guests to crack jokes on your performance. Moreover, you can amuse your girl too!!!

Pose strikingly: We all were posers at some point of time. But, as time flew by our eyes glanced through the lens and clicking something that admired us has become fun, hobby or profession. And in this transition we were oblivious to click ourselves. This is the best time you pose for portraits that will make memories for a life. Do not hesitate to stance for a photograph. Do not shy away. Enjoy all the attention and limelight. 

Know the value of rituals: Just do not do things since it is told to do so. Try to understand the significance of each ritual. Distinctiveness of Indian Weddings are its rituals and customs which may seem absurd but are ingrained with values and tenets. Ask the Pandit sitting next to you or your elders, the inherent meaning of each event. Do take wedding vows after knowing the true meaning of it. Enjoyment guaranteed!!.                                                        

Learn to be compassionate and loyalWhat is the count of your last relationship? Whatever it may be but you ought be kidding or insulting the institution of marriage if you still feel and think about your ex. Pack all your previous affairs into a big black bag and throw it into a garbage. Walk with free mind and free soul. You are entering into a lifelong commitment and vow to stick to it. Be loyal to your partner and start loving her.

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