When there are so many articles out there for purchasing a wedding lehenga at Chandini Chowk, why not we have an article on our very own royal Kanchivaram shopping?

Though the name is a destination in itself, we know how confusing/ intimidating it is for brides to decide on the one place to choose your wedding sarees from. But hey, we are here with the complete list of stores across South India for choosing those divine drapes. So, let us see what’s in here.

A.S.Babu Sah Silks: This place is almost synonymous with Bridal Kanchivaram sarees. From the latest designs to utmost traditional sarees, Babu Sah covers it all with price range starting from 1500 to upto above a lakh. Trusted for the purest zari sarees in town, one can blindly walk into the shop and purchase the sarees without a doubt.

Prakash Silks and Sarees: One of the finest Stores in Kanchivaram for Wedding silk sarees. This is store is a top pick for some unique variety of Kanchivram sarees with their magical combinations and Intricate weaving. But, make you reach early to the store, otherwise you may end up standing in the line just to even enter the store(happens at peak time).

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A.S Babu Sah Silks and Prakash Silks do not have any other Branches or warehouses any where, so head to their store directly if you are at Kanchipuram.

Varamahalakshmi Silks: This store which started in Kanchivaram decades ago got a very good reputation for wedding silks and apart from the store in Kanchivaram, they now have stores across south India. So you do not have time to go Shopping to Kanchi, You can opt for your nearest Varamahalakshmi Silks.

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Nalli Silks and Sarees: It’s a dream of every south Indian girl that her first saree should be from Nalli and almost every lady agrees to that. Nalli never ceases to amaze you with some stunning , classy sarees which make a whole lot of difference to the way you look at Kanchivarams. However, Nalli is a tat bit higher on the pricing, but it’s all worth for the kind of designs they offer you.

Now, comes you trusted chain stores like Pothy’s, The Chennai Silks, Rmkv, PSR silks and many more. All these places too stock some amazing designs, it is a open fact that, you would have lesser options in terms of Colors and Designs as they are not just Kanchi Saree speciality stores and price too is a little higher.

Also if you are a new age bride and online shopping is your thing, Prakash silks, Pothy’s, Nalli and we have our own Kumari Collections who have online stores and they even ship your sarees abroad. So you don’t have to worry about time and the travelling.

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So, that is it folks. We strongly suggest you to take that trip to Kanchipuram above all for your shopping, co’z you would find unlimited and fresh variety of sarees in the market and they stock so many sarees that you literally would have to tell them to stop bringing them. So make that ¬†trip to Kanchi, Not only you would bring back the divine Blessing of Kamatchi devi, but also you would feel the aura of heritage all around.