Makara Sankranthi, every heart beams with happiness and filling your lungs with the fresh air of your hometown is another novelty altogether which we all crave for. Of course, this Sankranthi was even more special to me.

My first Sankranthi after I got married. Ever since I was a kid , it was a must for us to visit our ancestral place and I loved every bit of it. Now, with my husband on my side it is even more beautiful and amazing. When my mom and dad came home last week and invited us officially, I realised how things changed so quickly and that I now have a family of to call my own. We both felt like kids and beamed ear to ear when they presented us new clothes.

I always thought that I was being separated from my family at the time of my wedding, but today as we drove to my hometown, my Dad and mr. Hubby took turns driving and the conversations he genuinely made with my mom and dad, made me feel like they now a Son and my world felt complete.

Well, he undoubtedly became the attention grabber right from the minute we entered our place and I can’t stop teasing him on that.But on the Inside I also experience bliss when I take care of all him here where it is all new for him. After all, he did help me a lot in adjusting at my In-Laws place.

Yes, we did have little glitches like every other couple, we argued over the silliest things, but then this trip turned magical every hour.He now understands my family better and I love it when he warmly smiles at all who came home on this festive day.

My parents did correct me in certain things and gave a lot of practical suggestions especially regarding how I look after my husband and I would want to embrace them for all years to come.

Though it is a little hard to accept that I can’t celebrate sankranti with my mom and Dad anymore, I can’t thank the traditions enough for all the reasons they have behind these small little things. This Sankranthi is one thing I would treasure in my heart , just as my wedding. With a heart filled with love and tummy filled with all the sweets, we returned home grinning all the way.