There is a unspoken rule at Indian weddings which silently says “Save the Red for the bride” and it is still continued up to today. So, much that none in the Bridesmaids or the Guests gets a Red Saree as it’s believed to be the Brides color.

But Trust me, it’s not anymore. When it’s a Uber colorful world, you definitely don’t have to go with a rule book for the wedding. Do what you love and wear what suits you the best. Who knows? You may be the next big trendsetter in wedding fashion!!

Ok, enough of preaching and let me quickly jump into bringing to you the alternate amazing color options apart form Red for your Wedding day.

The golden Bride.

Stay Bold , Stay gold is the new mantra, and the reason why? Because you would look no less than a superlunary diva in the tints of gold. When Rayane. R.  Mithun(daughter of Raadhika Sarath Kumar) herself was spotted in a golden kanchivaram for her wedding, what more reason would you want to grab a similar one for your special day? Team up with a bright blouse for a bold statement with minimal effort.

Gold saree, Red border
Gold saree, Red border
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The Royal Rani Pink

‘Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink’, anonymously quoted but very apt for our brides. The Dark pink shade is something so beautiful that it undoubtedly beats Red and the leaves you looking as beautiful as a rose. If you are still in doubt here is our perfect bridal inspiration.

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The Haldi bride.

In India if there is any one color which is considered auspicious and special, that is yellow.The beauty of yellow is that, it brightens everyone irrespective of the skin tone, body type and height. Additionally if you are someone who would want to look utterly traditional like a vintage bride, say yes to yellow!!

Bride in Yellow
Bride in Yellow
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The ‘Gold-Spot’ Bride

That’s what people you use to call orange few decades ago.Officially considered as the sister shade of  Red, this color is for brides who are sceptic of wearing Red due to various reasons. This sunshine color without a doubt a go grabber for the next wedding season.

Bride in Orange
Bride in Orange

The Aqua Bride

‘Neeli Rangu cheeralona , chandamama neeve Jaana’ , goes a Telugu number which literally translates to ‘You are a moon in the blue colored saree’. When such great lyricists admire and describe blue in such a wonderful manner who are we to say no? The Royal blue bridal sarees are something which make you look stunning in the most unique way possible.


The Green Bride

They say green is the shade of new Life,hope and freshness. So for all the new beginnings in your life, why can’t green be the most sought out color ? And trust us I regret Green said no bride ever.

Green saree for the bride
Green saree for the bride
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