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Kaleere are worn hanging from the bangles especially by the brides.They are considered as a symbol of prosperity . Earlier, it was mainly worn in northern parts of India, but with the passing days, it gained a lot of eyes and became an important jewellery piece for a bride to wear on her big day.
There is a unique tradition, the bride has to leave these “Kaleere” at the place where her marriage took place.

The cutest rose kaleere.

The Bridal Kaleere!

These can be used if you have a outfit with too much bling in it. It will compliment the outfit very well.

The Bridal Kaleere!
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Tassle kaleere , if you want to make it a bit more interesting then you can use these kaleere with this twist.

The Bridal Kaleere!
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For the bride who prefers simple  bling yet shine on.

The Bridal Kaleere!
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These are for the bride who prefers comfort and less accessories.Easy to carry kaleere.

Flowers are integral part of an Indian  wedding. Why not floral kaleere!

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The Bridal Kaleere!

These are the traditional kaleere  which can never fade in terms of fashion.  As, every wedding is incomplete without some sound in it. And these beautiful kaleere with ghungroos will make your wedding totally completed.

Which one are your favourite?

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