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We have this one girl spotted around the bride, looking as stunning as the bride and that is the bride’s gorgeous sister . Taking care of the bride, Pinning up the saree pallu , doing the lipstick  touch up , they get water for the bride on the stage.
It is such a close-to-heart moment on her big day for the bride , realising that things wouldn’t be the same as before. The felling of poignancy that the dearest sister was leaving to her husband’s, but at the same time it is  a bliss to see her happily begin her next phase of life. An emotionally overpowering feeling altogether.
There’s no way you won’t shed a tear the day your sister gets married and goes off to a new house. After all, your darling sister is all grown up and is ready to move on to the next phase in her life

Sister Love!
PC- Priya Vision Sabari

Sister twining! You are my younger version.
You constantly around her just to make sure she’s okay with everything that’s happening around. Her last few days are most important to you and there’s no way you’d exchange it for anything else in the world.

Sister Love!
PC-Dilip Kumar Photography

We fight , we laugh , we cry but we are always there for each other.

Sister Love!
PC- Vipin Photography

Everything needs to be perfect because your sister’s getting married ,  weave memories to keep and treasure.
Sister looking pretty in red.

Sister Love!
PC-Dattu Khandavilli Photography
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The most special part is the feeling you get when you see the glow on as your sister as she’s getting married . These feelings can never be expressed in words but only felt by heart in that moment.

PC-Studio A

Sania Mirza at her sister Anam’s Wedding . Both looking stunning.
Sister Love!All Sister Smiles! You really wish she knew how much you’re going to miss her but since you don’t want her eyes to well up even for a second, you save it for another time.

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