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Of course as a Bride to be you want a glowing skin and a slim body! To acquire these, the general trend is to go on starvation/crash diets, chemical treatments etc. Such methods are neither beneficial nor truly effective. Here are a few tips on Holistic wellness for brides to be —

*Holistic Wellness and Health should be the main aim.

Wellness would automatically lead to fitness, weight loss, high energy levels and a beautiful face and body.

*Focus on detoxing the body which would ensure that you acquire all the things on your wish list plus a healthy and energetic body. The best way to detox is to dedicate the first half of the day to consuming raw foods and green juices. Include lime water, Mint, Coriander, cucumber, ginger, nut milks and plenty of water to keep you satiated without taxing your digestive system.


*Wholesome Foods should be included throughout the day. Stick to home cooked meals.Avoid refined products including oils, flours and sugars. Snack on Sprouts, fruits,dates, nuts and seeds. Soups and chowders can be included in place of too much cooked food in the last part of the day.

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*Timing of meals and Sleep : Early dinner is a must. Partying does not have to mean indulging in a late dinner. One can have a proper meal early in the evening and then just stick to a thin soup at the party. Don’t forget your beauty sleep. Lack of sleep leads to dark under eye circles , a dull and puffy face.

*Exercise is a must! Marriage is a new beginning of sorts, so if you are not in the habit of exercising regularly, now is the best time to start. Exercise helps the body to get rid of toxins, improves blood circulation,oxygen supply, ensures a toned up, flexible and supple body filled with energy which is surely an asset for a new bride. It is a good idea to include your would be spouse in your exercise regimen plans and make it a joint effort!

*Indulge in Weekly Massages which are a traditional practice in Indian culture and a very wise one! Massages help detox the body, clear dead cells, tone up the body , leave it lubricated and glowing, and are relaxing and therapeutic.

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*Meditation and Silence should be part of your daily routine at least for 15 minutes if not longer. Wellness means all round good health of the physical, emotional and mental faculties. Meditation would help you adjust to the excitements of this new phase in life and handle the stress associated with changes in a calm manner.

*Natural = Healthy! Avoid unnecessary chemicals and quick fixes which will create long term damage. Remember it is the inner beauty, your attitude, thoughts and feelings that bring out the special glow and radiance in your face and eyes which no make up can create!! Be true, Be You!

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Wishing Everyone a Happy and Long Married Life!

Chiranjeevi Sowbhagyavati Bhava!


Blog by: Seetha Anand . She is a counselor, therapist and consultant working in the fields of Education and Health
Skype id seetha.anand
Facebook Page: AnandaFoundation

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