They say marriages are made in heaven. True, sometimes you would never know when your life is going to take that  fairy tale twist as your prince charming arrives in your life.

Be it arranged or love marriage, the moment your Big Day is decided, you feel utterly new and completely lost. Few brides have been sharing with us about all the butterflies they feel in their tummy when they have their D-Date fixed.

While being a Bridezilla is a not a good Idea, here we are today with some super duper things to do once your big day is decided.

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  • We know that you mind is occupied with a lot of emotions and so please don’t rush or jump into any of your wedding prep right away. Take a small trip, at least for a day or 2 and disconnect from the world. It almost stepping aside from all the madness, and you would be surprised on how it helps to clear up your mind. Probably choose one of your bestie for a small back pack trip and you would definitely thank yourself for the little treat you gave yourself.
  • Start a journal. Yes, the process of evolution like a bride is like no other and no one would ever want to miss on this golden period. Spend some 10-15 minutes every day jotting down all your happy lil’ moments, your fears, you can even go and stick on some photographs or even your shopping bills. All these will definitely make your lips twitch into smile when you look at it after a few years.
  • Bring back that Nostalgia. Undoubtedly your life is going to take a 360 degree turn once you get married. So go down your memory lane with your albums and childhood videos. It is great way refresh all those memories. You can simultaneously build your guest list , so that you wont miss out your childhood in the last minute hustle-bustle.
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  • Start a beauty/ fitness regime-We know we must have many failed attempts to achieve clear skin and loose those extra kilos. But, it is time to start taking that very seriously. Browse a little and you would definitely find a plan which would suit you. Start following it and most importantly stick to it. You may find it extremely difficult with all the pampering you receive. But , it is okay to be a little hard on yourself. All this would be paid off when you look like a million bucks on your BIG day.
  • Loads of window shopping. Yes, You don’t have to jump into buying everything off the racks right away, coz you know the golden rule. Fashion changes at the blink of the eye. So, make use of all the Wedding expo’s and Bridal exhibitions. These visits can help you understand about what exactly you would want for your wedding. As you would find loads of options and designs, you would not anyway be settling for anything which is just good.
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So those are our list of off beat things which Team BE suggests to all the To-Be-Brides. Liked it? We hope so. Stay tuned to Brides Essentials for more such interesting articles.