Work Blouses
Kaathyayini Maggam Work Blouses

Six-yard Indian fabric is the bride’s best friend . Taking care of the smallest details and make it look super chic .Off beat tassles , matching tassles , edgy tassles ,  – from cutouts to fringes to pearls. We picked out the coolest saree pallu  tassles   *Sigh, so much awesomeness !

Matching Tassles with golden lace add to a fun element.

Saree Pallu- Tassels that add the Oomph!
PC: IssaStudio
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The pom pom tassles matching the saree add a texture to the look and pull together the look .

Saree Pallu- Tassels that add the Oomph!
Artificial Jewelery
Ms Pink Panther

Innovative tiny tassles matching the dual shades of the saree.

PC: Rasiri

Crochet Tassles at it’s best! Adding the Spunk to the saree.

PC: Merugu :Tassels /Saree  kuchhu

PC: Kumari Sarees

Beaded tassles contrasting the saree border and the motiff add glamour.

Saree Pallu- Tassels that add the Oomph!
PC-Rasiri Clothing

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