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Love white flowers, this photo feature is  specially for you!
White flowers reflects the modern bride. White is a classic symbol of perfection .Known for purity, white blooms stand out. Brides now a days prefer to wear whites irrespective of what colour outfit they chose.White is bolder like the modern age bride. It symbolises being independent .Also the traditional floral jasmine look  chic.

Delicate flowers used with a large high bun.Blended well with the traditional head gear.

For the love of Chic hair buns and white flowers.

High buns with Jasmine flowers.


For the love of Chic hair buns and white flowers.

Buns with artificial and real flowers.



Fresh flower hair accessory !


Buns with modern hair accessories and white roses.Gives a perfect bridal look.

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Pretty Blend of white and red flowers with hair billa.

PC- Pelli Poola Jada

The traditional gajra bun.


Netted floral accessories used to enhance the look of the bun.



White artificial floral accessories used very well with jada

For the love of Chic hair buns and white flowers.

Every girl wants a fairytale wedding and choses to be unique.. Pelli Poola Jada has a wide range of floral as well as artificial jewellery . They also help their brides to make their dream come true with customisation of Jadas . They also take care of the tiny details with the wedding as well as the pre- wedding functions floral jewellery . You can reach them at  Pellipoolajada for more details.

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