My lil girl,

When I first held you, you were so tiny and delicate.That was the moment when I promised to myself that I would be only giving you the best of Best.My world was surrounded by just you.

I still remember the first time you left for school, I was scared to leave you alone .But, all you bought home was laurels. You grew up in no time, so much that all this feels like a dream.I really have no idea of how the last two decades passed and before I realize that,  you are now getting married!

People say that you are lucky when you get a good husband, True .But, I would be the luckiest. why? What’s  more is happiness for me than I being assured that you are in caring hands.I too dreamt about your wedding, may be beyond that too. I too have imagined my lil Gudiya looking like a princess in that red Wedding outfit. But, deep down I am afraid of the thought that you would no longer stay with us. I just can’t imagine our home without you.

While you achieved so much in life and for the fact that you know world better than me, I still want to tell you certain things on this wedding day  which probably no one told you.

You are going to step into a new household, you may not find me there, but do not worry, your Mother-in-Law would be in my place.She is the one who raised the man of your life so well and she would definitely deserve all the love and respect what you give me, in fact even more. 

You may have initial struggles in your married life.There may be certain things which you utterly fail to understand and you may not be sure if you should be seeking your husband’s help.Trust me dear, ego should be the last thing on your mind when it comes to working on a relationship. Go ahead, and speak to your husband regarding all your doubts, it will in turn help in making your bond stronger.

When you experience a little friction in your new environment, do not go around complaining about every detail to your partner, he would definitely feel bad about it, after all its the family he grew up with.Every thing will eventually settle down, its just a matter of time and you would always your mommy best friend to help with any thing that’s bothering you.

I know you are the next-gen couple and that you both work , earn well and would share all your daily chores and regular errands.But understand that sharing can’t exactly mean half all the time, it is okay to make that extra cup of chai when he is tired, after all you are both building a life together. It is absolutely perfect step up a little and work around for a happy household.

When you embark on this new journey, understand that this will be an ongoing one, for all the years to come.You both have to work on the bringing out your best through out.There is nothing sort of a perfect , rosy relationship dear.You would have your own share of lows and highs.

No one is perfect, neither you, nor me,nor your dad.But what helped in binding us together accepting the flaws with a smile and only concentrating on building our positives stronger. And I would suggest you the same to you too.

Eventually, you would have kids and a whole new world for yourself. But, through all this, your mum will definitely be there for you, no matter what.As I promised to give you the best, I would do so till my last breathe.

yours loving,