I know how we ladies crane our necks out when we spot a new hoarding of our favourite jewellers or silk merchants. We see them every single day and we just can’t take our eyes off them. Agree?

While we only focus on that one silk saree or that one chunky statement piece , there is a lot more which goes into that single shot you see. There is an entire team of at least 10-12 people who manage it at various levels, but the most important of them is the one who creates the magic with his Lens. Today, we are talking about one such ace Photographer. Kapil Ganesh.


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Talk about Nalli, Rmkv, NAC jewellers, Vara Mahalakshmi silks,Myntra, all of their Ad campaigns have one thing in common, the super Talented Kapil Ganesh. Recently, Team Brides Essentials found his latest work on Bridal Collection  for Chennai Shopping mall.The silk saree collection was so amazing that, we couldn’t stop ourselves from sharing it on our page, but along side we were equally stunned by the amazing skills of the Photographer behind this.


Work Blouses
Kaathyayini Maggam Work Blouses

When we dug a little deep, we found who’s magic it was. We were just blown when we saw the spread of all his works at various levels. Vintage, contemporary, retro, any style you ask for , he is an absolute pro. Trust us, It was so hard for us to choose his top-5 for this blog. Every picture is a master piece in itself and we couldn’t just take our eyes off all these stunning photographs.

To give a little background about him, Kapil Ganesh is a photographer based out of India, and he has been peering through his professional lens for about 11 years now.Now as its your turn to experience the magic which he created, look at the all these stunning clicks, which is no less than a visual treat.




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Well, we know that this photo dose will not satiate your obsession for Kapil Ganesh’s clicks so, immediately head out to his face book page ‘Kapil Ganesh Photogrpahy‘ or you can find all his works here http://kapilganeshphotography.blogspot.in/