There are always many firsts in your life and certainly the ones right after your wedding are always special. Your first anniversary, Your first long drive or your first candle light dinner ,But then there is one above all , Your first Diwali or as we call the Thala Diwali.

Definitely you can feel the difference in the air when its the Diwali week and if you are one of them who changed their status from single to married very recently ,we understand how special this Diwali to you.

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Marriage has taken your life in a swirl and a lot of changes happened in no time.While its overwhelming for you to celebrate the Diwali with your husband , you would definitely miss home on this festive day. Also it would be the same for your parents when their darling little daughter is away for Diwali for the first time.

Probably some one back in time heard your unspoken feelings right and they came up with the beautiful tradition of Thala Diwali ,so you get to celebrate Diwali with your husband at your parents home with a whole new level of happiness.

As merry as it had been, you know the li’l friction you have been experiencing during these early months of wedding. Don’t panic about it. It’s not just you every married women experiences it and all of it will surprisingly subside during these special occasions and you would definitely experience a whole new level of understanding with your partner.

Those celebration rings which your parents present to you both on Diwali are just not gifts ,they are precisely are a life long worth blessings and you would want to treasure for eternity.

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With all the Diwali prep, you would be on your toes ,and it all for good. You would understand all about how to respect guests ,how to take care of your husband ,helping him out at your parent’s place ,all these small little things add up to big results in later stages of life.

Lastly ,we would definitely look for forward for all your happiness and prosperity in your lives and may this Diwali shower you with the same.

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