Who all like Rapunzel’s hair? We all do right ? It’s not just Rapunzel’s hair, Women just love long hair no matter what. Trying on various hairstyles to look your best is a real struggle every day. Traditional buns, new twisted hairstyles may be on and off in trend , but nothing beats the beauty of a long thick plait.Agree?

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And when it comes to your Wedding look ,a long plait with jadakuchulu and fresh flowers is a must for south Indian Brides. goldjada_pellipoolajada6Few decorate it with fresh flowers while few opt for Gold Jada Billa or Gold Jada.


Bangaru Jada or Gold Choti is an ultimate jewel which  your plait adorns and it continues till the end of your tresses.There are many types of traditional gold Jada designs available in the market. But are you confused on what to choose or which design to consider for your wedding look?goldjada_pellipoolajada69


Pelli Poola Jada

Here you have all the Gyan about the top Gold Jada picks for this season.


The Lakshmi design is so in-build in our south Indian jewellery that from vaddanam to kaasulaperu, everything is loved when Godess lakshmi is carved on it.goldjada_pellipoolajada7

And here is one more inspiration for you . This Jada has been designed with about 10 Lakshmi motifs.

Lakshmi Design Jada
Lakshmi Design Jada


Need a contemporary design for your traditional long plait? This palm leave inspired Jada is likely to be your favourite. Its remains conventional with a Lakshmi motif on the top and becomes extremely minimalistic towards the bottom.Perfect choice for Light weight  Jewellery Lovers.


At least once in a lifetime, we all have experienced a falsification towards by the Jada adorned by Utsava Vigraha Sri Devi and Bhu Devi in Tirulama.So, here is the master design of the same. With the Krishna tandavam design on the top , the entire design it self speaks a million words.

Traditional antique jada
Traditional antique jada


For those of you ladies who love temple jewellery and who prefer circular billa’s, this jada is for you.With Peacock design all over, this is a true show stopper.What’s more interesting about this. It has got rubies and emeralds as hangings which adds a dash of  colour to the entire setting.

Peacock design jada
Peacock design jada



Finally a fusion piece to satisfy your whim , A Jada is designed with traditional Seshatalpa Vishnu and then peacock design all over. Amazing isn’t it?


Fusion Jada
Fusion Jada




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goldjada_pellipoolajada4All these designs are can be ordered and made in 925 silver with pure gold plating at Ms Pink Panther Designers.Head out to their page for face book for new designs . You can order directly on Whatsapp on +91 9585595689