At any given time, one cannot imagine an Indian wedding without the glitter of the  jewels. Bridal Jewellery is always on the top of the list when it comes to wedding shopping.

We understand how stressful the situation can get for the brides to find the matching jewellery  for their wedding outfit.With the gold prices at all time high, it is a herculean task to shop gold ornaments that fits within your budget.

Modern Jewellery from MS Pink Panther
Modern Jewellery from MS Pink Panther

Most of the time while you chose your gold jewellery, you would be bound to pick something that stays for at least a decade.The choice made in such occasions may not go well with your bridal lehanga or the wedding kanchivaram.

While costume jewellery doesn’t appeal for all the occasions, we strongly recommend you to try Ms Pink Panther  designers, who are pioneers in the wedding industry.Being a most sought out jeweller by celebs ,they are primarily into making  hallmarked gold plated 925 purity  silver jewellery.

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Ms pink panther traditional sets
Traditional south Indian jewellery from Ms Pink Panther

Remember how we all loved the jewellery adorned by varun sandesh’s  bride vithika sheru? Well, all thanks to Ms pink Panther to help her be the epitome for a south indian bride.

While staying true to their tag line “Drama in Simplicity”, they create traditional and contemporary designs with amazing craftsmanship  which would leave you in awe.

Antique jewellery by MS Pink Panther
Antique jewellery collection from MS pink panther


With a finishing which looks exactly like any other gold/Diamond ornaments,we bet you would be spoilt for choice for the variety of styles they offer.From nose pin to baajuband, from Bridal necklaces to Jadakucchu, you name it they have it. All for a fraction of price, when compared to traditional gold jewellery.

Team BE found this alluring Gotapusalu, from Ms Pink Panther as a top pick  for this wedding season.

Gotapusalu by MS pink panther
Gotapusalu by MS Pink Panther

With maintenance as simple as your regular jewellery, these dazzlers would be your keepers for all the years to come .

You can find their page here, follow on instagram @ Mspinkpantherjewel.You can also call or Watsapp on +919585595689.